Rome Area Volleyball Club

Parents, Thank you for your patience as we worked with the facilities coordinator in setting practice times. The following are dates/times we have scheduled for practices. More will be added as we work more with the coordinator.

  • Sundays 5:30-7:00
  • Wednesday, January 15, 6:30-8:00
  • Friday, January 17, 6:30-8:00

Thank you, and we are looking forward to starting practices.


  • First payment due November 15. This payment should include a $60.00 SRVA membership fee.
  • Second payment due December 15.
  • Third payment due January 15.
  • Payments can be given to Noel or Lisa or mailed to Noel Carper, 61 Fox Croft Road, Rome, GA 30165
  • Sunday November 24 2:30 Meeting with parents and players to discuss and set tournament schedules.
  • November 24, 3:30-5:00 Clinic (bring water bottles)
  • December 1, 1:00-3:00 Clinic (bring water bottles)
  • December 22, 1:00-3:00 Clinic (bring water bottles)

The meeting and clinics will be held at Shorter University

Interest in volleyball is growing in this area. School seasons are very short. Club volleyball gives players the opportunity to continue to play after the school season ends. Junior Olympic volleyball is also referred to as club or travel volleyball. This program presents players with an opportunity to receive extensive instruction and training by highly qualified coaches, and a chance to enhance their skill level, perfect technique, and increase their knowledge of the game, all while playing at a highly competitive level.

Rome Area Volleyball Club would like to be the club you and your daughter choose to advance her volleyball career. It's directors, Noel and Lisa Carper, bring over 30 combined years of playing/coaching experience to the court. Noel has been the head assistant coach at Shorter University for the past 7 seasons. He also has extensive playing experience in both indoor and sand tournament play. Lisa, also having played competitively for several years, has coached for Rocket City Volleyball Club in Huntsville, AL for 9 years. She worked with girls' teams ranging in age from 10-18. They have also developed a new volleyball program at Berry College Elementary and Middle school just this year.

Why Club Volleyball?

Junior Olympic Volleyball presents many opportunities to players. It offers extensive instruction and training with highly qualified coaches, who are experienced in playing and coaching volleyball. As with many sports, club volleyball teaches and enhances skills that players will use in all aspects of their lives, not just on the court.

Coaching Philosophy:

Through high quality coaching, we strive to provide players with the tools necessary to advance skills and perfect technique in the sport of volleyball. We believe coaching is the catalyst for the growth and development not only of the athlete, but also of the individual, apart from athletics. Therefore, it should take place in an instructional environment of encouragement, positive motivation, and fun. (physically and emotionally safe)

Club Philosophy:

RAV will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for players to learn/advance their skills in volleyball. We will apply these skills on the court at an appropriate level of competition at SRVA volleyball tournaments. We are here to develop volleyball players and help the growth of this popular sport in this area. We will also help in every way we can, with a players’ continued pursuit of the game.


  • Fees start at $900.00 per player. (this fee can be increased if the team/parents wish to attend more tournaments)
  • Include 7 play days (to be determined by team and coach)
  • Coaches' pay for practice, tournament play, and hotel if needed
  • Club director fees
  • Administration fees
  • Clinics in November and December
  • Equipment (volleyballs, carts, etc.)
  • Jersey, sweatshirt, and practice shirt

*****What the fees do NOT include*****

  • tryout fee
  • SRVA membership fee
  • travel expenses for players/parents
  • spandex, bag, shoes, socks, knee pads, ankle braces, etc
  • National Tournament fees

2. Tryouts

  • $20.00 tryout fee (this is not the SRVA fee)
  • can pre-register online
  • 14 and under held October 26, registration begins at 11:45
  • 15 thru 18 held November 3, registration begins at 4:45
  • ****players may not commit to a club prior to November 13.****
  • You can see the regional policy regarding tryouts @

3. Season

  • Tournament play begins late January 2013 ends mid April 2013
  • Nationals tournament scheduled for end of June/beginning of July (if a team qualifies for Nationals, the season will be extended, and there will be additional fees)
  • Two weekly team practice begins January (one of these will be on the weekend, the other date TBD)

4. Playing time

We strive to put the girls on the court to see as much playing time as possible, however playing time is not guaranteed.

Every player is given the same amount of instruction, coaching, and opportunity to see a lot of playing time. It is up to the individual coach to decide who plays and how much playing time each player receives. Each set/match is individual, and the coach can change the line up as she feels necessary.

Contact information:

Email: Click Here

Phone: (706) 676-0387

Region website: Click Here

We hope to have our Full site up soon at this location. Stop back to see us!