Interest in volleyball continues to grow in this area, and school seasons are very short. Club volleyball gives  players the opportunity to play after the school season ends.  Club volleyball is also referred to as Junior Olympic or travel volleyball.  This type of program presents players with an opportunity to receive advanced instruction and training from highly qualified coaches.  It also offers a chance for players to improve their skills, perfect techniques, increase their knowledge of the game, and ultimately elevate their level of play,  while playing at a  highly competitive level. 

  • Who can play?

               Rome and surrounding area girls ages 8-18 who are interested in learning/playing volleyball. 

  • When does it start?

              Parent information meeting is scheduled for October 5, 1:00 PM at the Winthrop King Center on the campus of Shorter University.

               Tryouts will be held for girls ages 14 and under on  Sunday, October 12, 2:00-4:00,  with registration beginning at 2:00. 

                 Tryouts for girls ages 15-18 will be held Sunday, November 2, 5:30-7:00, with registration beginning at 5:30. 

                 Clinics will be held in November and December.

                 Practice for the season begins in January. 

                 Season begins in February and ends in April.

  • Where will practices be?

             Winthrop King Center on the campus of  Shorter University

  • How much does it cost?

              The fee is $900.00 per player which includes the following:

                     7 play dates (to be decided by coaches and players)

                      Clinics in November and December

                       Jersey, practice shirt, sweatshirt, and backpack

                       Equipment and facilities costs.                                           

                      Coaches'  pay for practice times, tournaments, and hotel if needed

                      Administration fees

               ***** Fees do not include:

                           try-out fee $20.00

                           SRVA membership fee $60.00

                          travel expensed for players and parents

                          Spandex, knee pads, shoes, ankle braces, etc.             

Contact information: 


Phone: (706) 676-0387